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terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

Book 4 e Reviews

book 4 review 5

1. what makes you angry?
2. tell me something you can do easily.
3. what's something that is difficult for you to do?
4. can you remenber an unusual gift you have received?
5. what sports are dangerous?

book 4 review 4

1. how much time do you spend on the internet?
2. do you have a pet at home?
3. can you remember an unusual gift you have received?
4. what do you usually order when you go to a restaurant?
5. what is your favorite sporting activity?
6. what sports are dangerous?
7. how often do you exercise?
8. when do you prefer to exercise?
9. do you like to fish?
10. which of the seasons do you like best?

book 4 lesson 29

father and mother

do you know the ten commandments?
one of the commandments is, "honor your father and your mother."
god knew that some children would naturally love, obey and care for their parents. god knew also that some children would need to be reminded.
honoring your parents doesn't mean to do every thing they ask you without a reason. it means to respect their values. it means to be available to them. it means to love them for everything they have given you.
your parents gave you life. they worked hard to give you what you have today. they helped you become the person you are today. they loved you first. now it's your turn to love them. you will never be sorry for the love you give your parents.

book 4 lesson 28

1. you're traveling by ship and you're very excited because there will be a party on board. when you open your suitcase you notice you brought your daughter's clothes instead of yours. what would you do ?

2. a box of items representing our current development on earth is being prepared to go on a space mission to other planets. what five items would you choose to put in this box, and why?

book 4 lesson 27


punctuality is one characteristic of successful people. are you usually on time for your appointments?
when you are on time for a meeting, you show that you care about the person you are meeting with. you show your respect for the other person's time. when you are late for an appointment, you are saying by your actions that your time is more valuable than the other person's.
being punctual tells something else about your character. it says, "i'm a person of my word." when you promise to be somewhere at a certain time, your effort to be there is a sign that you keep your promises.
on the other hand, if you are conducting a meeting, remember to start it on time, regardless of who is present. this is a sign of respect for those that have arrived on time.

book 4 lesson 25

look at the stars

once there was a girl who married a young man. her husband worked for the government. after they married he had to work for two years on an indian reservation. she went with her husband, but she didn't like the place where they lived. she didn't like the weather. she didn't like the food. she didn't like the people.
one day she decided to write to her mother. she explained that she missed hamo, she missed her friends, she missed her comfort. her mom wrote her back and said: "my daughter you have two options during these two years in the indian resernation. you can look at the mud or you can look at the stars.
the choice is yours."
inspired with her mother's words she decided to learn the indians native language, culture and customs. she developed a feeling of love, respect and appreciation for the people. thanks to her mother's honest answer, she enjoyed her time with her husband in this new place.

book 4 lesson 24

1. you wake up in the middle of the night because of a very loud noise. you look outside and see a car crash at your gate. what would you do ?

2. it's summer in utah. you are going to spend three weeks on a backpacking trip in the rocky mountains. you have to take all the supplies you will probably need, because you won't be near any stores during this time. what would you take with you and why?

book 4 lesson 23

body and mind

after you reach a certain age, do you stop eating? if you are forty years old, do you still have to eat? of course you do. you have to eat every day of your life to be healthy. your body needs nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

the same way your body can't go without food, your mind also needs to receive knowledge to be healthy. you're never too ald to learn. the best way to receive knowledge is by reading.

you can know what's happening in your world if you stop and read the newapaper for a few minutes each day. you don't have to read every word or every line in the newspaper to know what's in it. select topics that are more interesting to you.

if you know how to read but don't read, you have no advantage over an individual who doesn't know how to read.

book 4 lesson 21


reputation is the opinion people have about you, based on the choices you have made. when those choices are morally correct, it will be said of you that you are a person of integrity.

you can't buy integrity with money.
you can't buy honesty with money.
you can't buy a reputatin with money.

you don't gain a good reputation instantly. you get it day by day, month by month, and year by year. you get it decision by decision - individual choices you have made about your attitudes and actions.

if you want to be a person of integrity, follow these three rules: keep your word, show respect toward others, live by a high moral standard.

finally, you will never get a reputation with what you intend to do, only with what you have already done.

book 4 lesson 20

1. you are the supervisor at a factory. the employees in your department wan to go on strike for better salaries. your boss doesn't want to raise their salaries and said that he would fire whoever went on strike. what would you do ?

2. if you could visit three places in the world, where would you go and why?

book 4 lesson 19


an individual entered his supervisor's room and asked what he needed to do to get a promotion in the company. his supervisor said that there was going to be a meeting in the company. then he asked this individual to go to the store and see if they had pineapples for the meeting. the individual left the room and after sometime he returned and said they didn't have any pineapples.

then his supervisor asked what fruit they had. he answered:

"i am sorry sir, but i didn't ask that"

in the meantime another employee entered the room.
the supervisor asked him the same thing.
after a little while he returned with the answer:
"they have no pineapples in the store, but there are aranges, apples, bananas, pears and watermelons. i checked the price for each fruit. i asked a discount for a large volume. here is the phone number of the store. we can order the fruit over the phone and they will deliver them here in the company for us."
who do you think got the promotion ?

book 4 review 3

1. what do you get excited about?
2. what makes you nervous?
3. what makes you happy?
4. what's the speed limit for brazilian highways?
5. is your signature easy to read?
6. where is a good place to hide something in a house?
7. what medicine do you take when you have a couh?
8. what medicine do you take when you have a stomachache?
9. what medicine do you take when you have a headache?
10. what is the probability taht it will rain tonight?

book 4 lesson 17


every individual has different skills, gifts and talents. many times you find people that will say:

i don't have any talent.
i don't know what talent i have.

if this happens to you, don't panic. you are normal.
what you need to do is take the time to ponder about your potential, your possibilities and your opportunities.
when you ask yourself...

what's my mission in life?
what college am i going to attend?
what career will i have?
what about my family?

sooner or late you will receive the answer you seek. through meditation you will receive the inspiration you need to know exactly what your mission is. you will find the answers that will give you direction, comfort nd peace of mind.

book 4 lesson 16

1. what makes a poor supervisor, and why?
2. would you like to be a politician? why or why not?

book 4 lesson 15


do you know anybody who , once has started talking never stops? every time you try to say something or make a comment, he or she wouldn't be quiet. this situation may be extreme but sometimes it happens. it has been said that god gave us one mouth and two ears, because we need to spend more time listening than speaking.

in a day of digital cameras, ipods, cell phones, internet, there's just too much information. sometimes you simply need to be quiet ant listen. listen to your friends. listen to a family member. listen to yourself.
listening is the first step in learning. "seek first to understand and then be understood" is a good counsel taht will help you better communicate with your boss, friends, children, parents or spouse.

book 4 lesson 13

three men were doing the same kind of job and they were asked:
"what kind of work do you do ?"
the first man answered:
"i am laying bricks, one after another."
the second man answered:
"i am building a wall"
the third man answered:
"i am building a cathedral that will last for many centuries."

as you see, the work the three men were doing was the same, but each man had a different vision, understanding, and attitude regarding his work.

your life is very similar to this story. you hear the alarm clock. you wake up. you get up. you take a shower. you brush your teeth. you comb your hair. you go to school. tou go to work. come back home. answer your e-mails, watch some tv, go to bed and start all over again.

try to see the big picture behind everything you do.if you can see a purpouse in your daily activities, your work will be more pleasant. have a positive attitude toward your school, job and people around you. this will affect others and most importantly, it will affect you.

book 4 review 2


responda as perguntas

1. do you have a passport?
2. when does your passport expire?
3. do you have a visa ?
4. when does your visa expire?
5. what languages can you speak ?
6. what's your favorite tv program ?
7. what was the last soap opera you watched?
8. tell me something you can do easily.
9. what's something that is difficult for you to do ?
10. give the name of three politicians you admire?

book 4 lesson 12

listening comprehension

1. if you could make any three wishes, what would they be ?

2. do you agree with the following statement: you can anly learn when you are ready to be taught? why or why not ?

book 4 lesson 11

laughter is a therapy

laughter is a universal language. it's so contagious that you can be in a country where you don't speak the language, and if you start laughing, probably people around you will start laughing too.

why does it feel so good to laugh?

every time you laugh your body produces a substance called endorphin. this substance makes you feel good. if you are in a bad mood, you will automatically feel better. so laughter is a natural antidepressant.
don't stop your laughter. laugh a lot each day. it's a great remedy for your health. laughter can help you deal with disappointment, frustration or despair.
laughter is contagious. laughter is a therapy.

book 4 lesson 9


if someone asks you ?
how many pairs of pants do you have?
how many shirts or T-shirts do you have?
how many dresses os skirts do you have ?

how would you answer these questions ?
now, two more questions ?
what clothes have you not worn in the last year?
what do you plan to do with all thes clothes?
here's an idea for you : take all the clothes you don't wear anymore even a shirt you really like - then choose someone or an organization and give all these clothes to someone who needs them more than you do.
this will make you feel much better and certainly will make the other individual happy.

book 4 lesson 8

listening comprehension

1. if you could invent a new product, what would it be and why ?

2. you taught everything you know about your job to a new co-worker. after some time he gets a promotion and you don't. what would your reaction be ?

book 4 review 1


responda as perguntas :

1. where are you from, originally?
2. where are your parents from, originally?
3. when did you get married?
4. what's a good hint for those who are going to get married?
5. what are your brothers' marital status ?
6. whet makes you angry ?
7. if you were a teacher, what would you teach?
8. would you like to teach languages?
9. what's the best profession in your opinion?
10. what's a profession you wouldn't like to have ?

book 4 lesson 7

A goal or a wish?

If you stop people on the street and ask:
- What do you want to be doing one year from now ?
- Where do you want to be three years from now ?
- What are your plans five years from now?
Very few people will have an answer for you.
If you don't know wherre you're going, how will you know when you arrive there? this means that you need to determine in advance where you want to be so that you can make proper plans to arrive there.
Your goals should not be so easy that you can reach them without effort. but they can't be too difficult, so that you end up frustrating yourself. you must have a long-range goal and then divide this goal into smaller goals.
Finally, remember to write your goals. a goal not written is only a wish.

book 4 lesson 5

Money Matters

Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, you are invited to spend your money. tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, internet - they're all saying, "spend your money here."
Learning how to save is very important to your financial success. larning to put some of your money into a savings account is a practice that will help you throughout your life.
When you were a child, you probably saved your money to buy something you wanted very much. the same principle applies today. now you make more money, but you still need to save part of your earnings for future needs or investments.
Did you know that it's harder to save than it is to earn money? everyone knows how to earn. on the other hand, very few people know how to save. so, if you want to be successful regarding your finances, start saving some money today.

book 4 lesson 4

listening comprehension

1. If you could work for a large corporation, what company would it be and why?

2. A friend of yours has a terrible toothache two hours before her wedding. she calls you and asks your opinion, what would you say to her?

book 4 lesson 3

Time is money
how many times did you say to yourself...
If i have time i will go.
I don't have time to do this or that.
If i had more time i would ...
The truth is everyone has the same 1,440 minutes each day. the management of those minutes is what's important.
Learning how to manage your time is one of the most important skills you will ever develop. time must be controlled, or it will control you. use a daily planner or a palm pilot to help you write your appointments. each day spend some time on planning.
What goals do you want to reach today? make a list.
Learn to set priorities. this is not always easy.
But this exercise will make a big difference on how you spend your time. learn to control your minutes, and you'll have more hours during the day.

book 4 lesson 1

Think big
Champions don't win a game by accident. they plan for them. they always begin the competition with one goal in mind: winning. even if the statistics are against them, they still believe they can win the game.
Champions win big because they dream big.
so, winning begins in your mind. if you can see yourself as a champion, you have a great chance of winning. your attitude makes all the difference.
Apply this principle to other areas of your life. when you think of your future, think big. never settle for second best. decide to study, work, or play at your highest level of achievement.
if you can see it in your mind, you can achieve it. if you want big achievements, you must have big dreams.

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